Forside / 2018 3

Add your 2018 photos!

First, please review the Firefly Event Recording Guidelines:

Don't post pictures of participants wearing "No Photography" wristbands, be thoughtful about posting pictures that participants may not want shared (e.g. nudity), and attempt to get permission from identifiable participants in advance.


1) Register for an account or log in. (To register, go to the "Login" menu in the upper right, and click "Register" then create an account.)

2) Wait for an admin to approve your account.

3) Once approved, select "Explore"->"Upload photos" from the top menu bar.

4) Under "Select an album" click "create a new album", choose a parent album of the right year (the default is "Firefly / 2018"), and choose an informative name like "Ranger Shutterbug's Pics".

5) Select and upload files.